One young man, One old car. Endless enjoyment

Saturday, 30 April 2011

shining star

The Legacy was gone and i was in need of a car. The hunt was on. unsure of what i wanted at first it soon became clear i wanted something made before i was thought up. A tidy little starlet popped on trade me. To be specific a two door 1984 kp61. featuring an 4k and k40 four speed box. i had to look, so within two days i had viewed and purchased the car. Then came the 6 months of absolute awesomeness filled with multiple rollback skids rain drifting and bitch pulling. a common feature of nearly all my cars. A trip over to the drags was to be the day it finally gave up. While being followed over the Rimutaka hill coming home from a great day of racing i could hear the uneven pulse of a chicken cooker coming from the rear. IT WAS ON! down shift and foot floored the revs were rising, chopping through the gears i was pulling away! the mighty 4k was beating a 12a brotang! then it all turned to shit... a knock soon became apparent. a very loud knock. a run bearing as the diagnosis.

Not one to let things get me down the car went into the garage and the parts hunt was on. A smallport 4age was purchased as with a t50 22 spline ae86 gearbox, driveshaft and diff as well as a whooooole lot of other go fast bits. The car was then taken into Peter Zivkovic's workshop where it was stripped and a dummy motor and box fitted. Unfortunately my inability to perform precision engineering work i was left waiting for people to have some free time. The car sat. waiting. Ready for the roll cage to be fitted. and then... a certain car was offered to me that i couldn't refuse. the Corolla. so the Starlet was moved and the ae85 pushed in its place. The starlet put up for sale and everything purchased for the car to be bolted up to the ae85.

It will be a sad day to see it go. The car that got me motivated to race. The fun i had researching and dreaming of the day i would get behind the wheel and drive it. Unfortunately i wont drive it but upgrading and not loosing a lot more money on the car is a positive.

Throughout the ownership of the car i made a very big mistake which resulted in the ownership of the next car in the lineup...
Find out more on that one next up.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

the arrival

Wednesday night just one week ago, i picked up my new pride and joy. the ultimate in tofu delivery vehicles.
to the untrained, blind or otherwise holdenford goober eye, the primered, guard less window less corolla sitting on the trailer wasn't worth the look. but to me? well lets just say i couldn't keep my eyes off the rear view as i watched my primered piece of Japanese motoring history bounce around behind me.

Into the shop it went. pushed right to the back next to and behind some benches. in place of my beloved starlet which you will hear about next up.

As you can see, The car is full of stuff, never mind the extra stuff i had to go pick up from the previous owners house. my goal is at this stage get everything sorted. find out what goes where and what goes in what hole.
things have come out and been put in the kindly donated garage with more to come.

as it sits now i have the original guards on it, the once protruding intercooler and radiator are off for good and the motor is almost set to be pulled out.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
sexy bum

many thanks to Peter Zivkovic for the use of his work shop and trailer and everyone thats helped push, pull, and put up with me and the car so far.

Been and gone. A legacy

At the ripe age of 16, learners licence in hand it was time to buy a car. being car mad however made this no simple task, my car had to be cool, fast and of course manual yet still fit the budget. so the hunt was on. dad had heard about an hq holden going cheap and i wanted to see so off we went. i liked what i saw it drove well, looked mean, and fit the budget. but there was one thing that i couldn't afford to fix... Rust.

money still in pocket and only a little disheartened i sent a txt to my friend Kris Zivkovic. he had mentioned a month or so prior that his dad had a gtb legacy that was being fixed and sold. it fit the budget, looked cool, went hard and was of course manual.

 within a week or so the deal was done. and i was the proud owner of this...

 A 1996 Subaru Legacy GT-B.

A very tidy example at that was a very good purchase i thought. i got my restricted licence in it, thrashed it, pulled the bitches and the rest is history.

Friday, 22 April 2011

many wheels in my garage

hello all,

As you all may know, i have a rather large garage at present. Although i live less than 1km away from my workplace i find it necessary to have not 2, not 3, but 4 vehicles all in various states of running order.
This blog will focus on my AE85 but to understand why i have this you must understand why i have it and how it will all work out for me.

To do this i will do a brief feature on the vehicles that have been and gone, or have been then blown up, crashed or otherwise just not quite sold yet.

But firstly we have to know where it all started for me as a 14 year old kid.

doing work experience for a panel beater is all fun for me learning new skills in my spare time. what i was unaware of is that i was about to be paid with a set of keys to a rego on hold corolla.

i owned the car for a bit, never actually legally putting it back on the road but still took it for a hoon up and down the road a few times. got a parking ticket for $400 (no reg or wof) then sold it on to a guy who then dumped it still leaving in my name... cue very much grrrr.

this car for me wasn't the start of my car obsession but was still a very proud part of my life as it was the first car i ever owned. however shit it may have been.

it was however the car that started my love for the older variety of Japanese engineering.

we all have to start somewhere...

keep an eye out for the next installment when i introduce you to, or refresh your memory on the legacy...


Tofu shop explained.

Hello and welcome to the Tofu shop,

The names Jimjim, this blog was created to keep people in the know about how my newly acquired AE85 Trueno project is getting along.

the car in question is a Liftback AE85 Toyota Trueno. the car was bought at a very reasonable price and is looking like a very tidy car. the car came as purchased with an aw11 supercharged 4AGZE installed, fiberglass boot lid, carbon fiber bonnet and genuine dmax wide guards, bumper and sideskirts as well as all original panels and bumpers.

over the next few posts you will read about how i came into possession of this car, what my plans are, have a brief look at my other vehicles and learn about the good group of people that help me out so much with the car along the way. not wanting to reveal my plans all at once means all i can tell you is that the intercooler has come off, for good.

thats all for now.

till next time,