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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another Weekend

The end of the week is here, boy has it been a long one. normal week except missed out on my day off on Friday  Because of this, i though i may not get any chance to work on my car. or get anything car related in for that manner. Saturday night rolled around and bored, went for a drive with my camera. Soon seeing friend Michael Crowley. The usual suspects turning up at the usual meeting spot, Barker st or mitsi lane to the hooligans.

not a bad turn out for a night of on and off showers. some cars making better entrances than others. nick showing his face then not long after pulling in doing a nice standstill for the people in his s13 silvia.

other usuals including dominic hemana and his yellow s15. although he did fail to do a skid like nick...

not leaving till the early hours made for a good night, unfortunately to make the most of Sunday i had to get to work early. i got up, headed off to work, did my job and left. off to the work shop. The motor and gear box needing to come out.

and with a few curse words and help from friends Michael Crowley and Kris Zivkovic, the motor and box were out.

what was foumd under the tunnel was a goldmine as far as rare parts go, the box pulled out is a T50 22 spline AE86 item and behind that was a light weight custom 1 piece drive shaft. very happy indeed.

Then the decision was made to remove the diff, unfortunately i didn't quite get this done before the decision was made to leave for the day.

next time i return, the diff will be out. I leave you with an image of probably the worlds most bad  ass dx corolla... till next time, enjoy