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Friday, 11 November 2011

Back Into It

Its been a long time coming, But i am finally getting stuck back into the car and getting back into the whole blog deal.
Its been a tough last month or so for me and i took a step back from the car and tried to focus on the other important things in my life. Now, its time to make my dream come true.
If you remember back to where i left off, I had started prepping the engine bay for paint, using paint stripper as my tool i slowly covered the bay in the stuff then waterblasting the residue off. unfortunately the engine bay had a few layers of paint so it took a few attempts to get the majority of the paint of to the state its in now.

Please excuse the brown, it has been sitting for a while and well thats just what happens when metal is exposed and its the metal on an 80's Toyota. So as you can see the majority of the pain is now off and the sealant is slowly coming out of the seams. i have also spent a bit of time messing round and finally getting the seats mounted and the roof lining residue off the roof.

I have taken delivery of my fibreglass doors and they are now being fitted, just waiting on some alloy to make a backing plate inside the door so they dont crack.
Today though we took the day lightly not really getting much done at all easing into the work again i guess. Most of the time was mucking around or sweeping the floor. we spent a bit of time pretending we were mad mike...

Thats me taking the mad mike vantage point...
I spent a fair bit of time pretending i was actually a smallport 4age...

We spent a bit of time chilling in the car pretending we were mad race car drivers...

And talking loads of shit about hellaflush, rollcages and bozo pipes...

So i guess, At the end of the day nothing was really done. Yet we had an absolute blast just chilling out in the shop. A great way to get my mind off other events and get back into making my dreams come true.
Next up, I need to start grinding off brackets on the inside of the car to get this thing finally ready for paint.
I have let this car get in the way of alot of things in my life and sometimes maybe spent to much time on it but at the end of the day, its my dream and everyone wants their dreams to come true. so you can be assured i will keep chipping away at the ae and get the thing going. For me, and for everyone who has supported me along the way and encouraged me to make it happen. Thank you everyone who has stuck by me and kept the dream alive.

Till next time,