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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Prep For Prep

After a slight inconvenience this morning where a door was left slightly open on my car and the battery died, i shot down to the shop a few hours late. Lucky it was still open and there was time left in the day to do some work on the 85.

The car was taken off the trailor earlier in the day so it was all ready to get to working on. i stasrted by bolting down the seat brackets and putting the seats in position so i could have a sit and make some car noises and pretend hoon. after promptly being told to do some work i got down to it.

To start with, i pulled out the pedal box, Then the brake lines, the brake booster, clutch master cylinder, loom and fuse box, window wiper motor and mechanisim and everything else that will get in the way of paint prep.

Looks like i will be needing some blocks put on the pedals or a booster seat. Even with the seat bolted as far forward as possible i can't actually push the pedals to the ground... minor technicality... not to worry...
I am very happy with the side intrusion bars, These are one thing i was very keen on having perfect as safety is paramount for me. The last thing you want when learning is to slide into a tree and be put off racing by getting really hurt because you had sweet f all safety equipment in your car.

On the inside all that is left to do before i get sanding, is remove the roof liner foam/fluff residue off the roof and remove the sound deadning off the fire wall. In the engine bay its about ready to be sanded, all thats needed now is to give it a thorough clean to remove all the grit and dirt that has settled in with a wire brush and water blast, weld the seam between the firewall and chassis then its all go!

Tomorrow i am heading out early to a hotrod show to give the guys a hand as dads ute is entered. if you have nothing to do tomorrow head out to porirua mall with a small 3 dollars to check out 50 0dd hotrods, muscle cars and anything cool that may have a motor.

Photos will follow, Might see you there!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Return Voyage

Today marked the unexpected return of the Tofu Shop 85. The car was completed last week, but due to the extremities of the weather this past week it was simply to risky to get my car, without windows, from Sheldon at Motorsport Developments.
The plan today was to swap the mini for my car as they both live at the same workshop and it needs some cage love from sheldon so taking my car back would kill two birds with one stone.
This is said mini...

Today is the first day i have seen the cage complete with seat mounts, side intrusion bars, harness mount bar and rear strut brace welded in. to my eyes it looks awesome. fully stoked with it. i can't wait to bolt my seats up and harness myself up and have a pretend hoon in my first ever rollcaged car...
Any way the car was promptly loaded up and we were on our way, Off to the west Coast...

So the cars baack in the shop, Now my next job is getting it all nicely documented for motorsport new zealand then get to sanding and prep for paint inside the car and the engine bay. I will post up some nicer photos next time as well as keep everyone up to date with what im taking off and if anything new comes up...


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Racing Red

The AE is still at Motorsport developments, with the last few bars being welded in, or possibly awaiting pick up, the interior of the car will be in need of a tidy up, with a few brackets to be pulled off etc and the floor spot welded to repair a big dent in the floor. Unfortunately rust isnt something you want to let set it especially when its on the welds of  a roll cage you just spent your life savings on. This Brings me to the subject of paint.

The car was Painted a nice shade of red from factory, although it has been primered and painted black in other places at this stage that is the colour i would like the car to be when finished. With the instalation of the roll cage and the uplifting of all the sound deadening the interior has to be painted. at this stage im thinking all red with black accesories being seats, dash, and everything else that is put back into the car really.
I feel like if i was to paint the interior black, it would all blend in and look boring and aswell as looking boring, i would cook. being a race car without aircon or wind down windows for that matter.

In my opinion, if i was to paint the interior any other colour, say, white for example, it would look tacky and unfinished however ideal white may be, tacky is one thing i do not want my dream race car to be.

Also, my plan at this stage for the outside, is factory red, with black bumpers. I have opted not to paint it in the oh so common panda paint scheme with the black two tone bottom for two reasons, one being its not actually an 86, and two its a hell of a lot cheaper to do it one colour. I don't particularly want to spend even more money than i already have to, to get some stripes put on my door. Plus, it is more blank canvas for potential sponsors.

The end product should look like this... (bar the horid wing)

photo off

On the topic of red paint, i recently had the pleasure of meeting my friends father Mr Oldridge, and also the pleasure of viewing his freshly painted, (also red) project Walkinshaw. After fitting some tyres to new wheels then fitting the wheels to the rear of his S14 silvia we took off, Up to Grenada to pick up fellow motorsport enthusiest, Reuben Bemrose to go visit Aarons old man as we had found out his car was fresh from the painters. So fresh infact that we were there to witness its first roll out into the sun.

Thats Aaron with his 17x9s and Titahi bay spec tribal tattoo

And here is the Holden, Paint still to be cut and polished. Might i remind you that it is due for the walkinshaw kit to be put on, Those of you who are unsure of what that is, do look it up. They are a very large kit in surface area and basicly take another 4l of paint just to do the kit. Unfortunately the kit was in the garage not on the car at this stage, but it looked just as good as the car if not better. This will be a real looker when its pieced together and rolling the streets. On a side note, The car is RB30...

More photos to come when the interior is back in, tints are done and the kit is fitted. and as always more photos of the AE85.


Friday, 5 August 2011

More Bars And Double Vision

This week has been super exciting for me with the roll cage on my car being started last week. progress was steady when i checked it out last time as you can see on my previous post, But what i didnt know was just how much closer to completion it would be the next time i went out to see it. if you look back to my last post you will see in the photos the main loop (b pillar to b pillar) was done and the front bars were done going from the main loop down the a pillar then down to the floor. done in only a few days i was impressed that's for sure. so you can imagine how uuber awesome it felt to walk in on wednesday to see this done...

looking through the front window i saw the rear stays and cross bar welded in place. it was looking like a real roll cage now! obviously this got me buzzing with happiness, the harness bar on the main hoop was cut and sitting in place as it has to be welded in the right position when the seat is mounted so the shoulder straps dont pass a certain angle (dont ask me what that angle is as i have no idea).
I got a little closer and it became more and more obvious just how much work had been put in over the couple of days i hadnt seen the car...

that triangulated goodness above is sitting infront of the a pillar. if you are familiar with the ae series of vehicles, you will know, that the front strut towers sit a way away from the windscreen, thus leaving a fair bit of flexability. not good on a race car. the bars above one to the bottom of the windscreen and one to the bottom of the front stays. throught to the strut tower eliminating flex and in the event of a crash evening out the frontal impact load to the whole of the cage and chassis. making the car safe and win for rigidity.

and there it is coming through the fire wall to the strut tower. often left out on entry level race cars, for either lack of knowledge, money or care. i am happy i decided to put it in now and not have to do it later. i am told it will most definately not regret going to this extent with the cage. As you will have seen above the dash bar has also been welded in place to lower the steering column to suit a slightly lower seat position and stifning up that area of the car. As most cars have a dash support bar already in place this is also an area often left without attention. so i am happy i made the decision to have a bar put in here aswell.
here are a couple more photos to have a look at...

Although the second image is a bit dark, please inlarge and have a look. thats the top of the windscreen bar that was being made as i left last time now welded into place.
You may have noticed that a crucial part of the cage is missing, that being the side intrusion bars. They were made and ready to be welded in but left till last so its easier and more accurate when making the seat mounts etc. A racetech was chucked in and we sorted a seat position out, VERY FAR FORWARD due to my short legs lolz. But this is ok because Sheldon is making them so the seat can be put on sliders or if its just me, solid mounted, getting the seat ever so slightly lower and safer. I wouldnt be suprised if the car was finished now waiting for me to pick up with the speed and effort that has been put in by Sheldon at motorsport developments, I cant thank him enough for the top job he done. Dont worry there will be photos of the finished product. i cant wait to sit, harnessed up in my very own race car. It will be all i need to get motivated and finish this car off.

On thursday i went out with friends Logan and Blake to take some pics of there E70 Corollas. Some of you may remember Logans KE varient from earlier posts as i sold him the rare Bilbo wheels of my AE85.
Others may be familiar with Blakes AE varient of earlier years sitting mint and low on Impul pro mesh Wheels with good size and offset.

with that i will leave you, next post should see the cage complete and me in the seat. cant wait for it and cant wait to share it with you all.