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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Prep For Prep

After a slight inconvenience this morning where a door was left slightly open on my car and the battery died, i shot down to the shop a few hours late. Lucky it was still open and there was time left in the day to do some work on the 85.

The car was taken off the trailor earlier in the day so it was all ready to get to working on. i stasrted by bolting down the seat brackets and putting the seats in position so i could have a sit and make some car noises and pretend hoon. after promptly being told to do some work i got down to it.

To start with, i pulled out the pedal box, Then the brake lines, the brake booster, clutch master cylinder, loom and fuse box, window wiper motor and mechanisim and everything else that will get in the way of paint prep.

Looks like i will be needing some blocks put on the pedals or a booster seat. Even with the seat bolted as far forward as possible i can't actually push the pedals to the ground... minor technicality... not to worry...
I am very happy with the side intrusion bars, These are one thing i was very keen on having perfect as safety is paramount for me. The last thing you want when learning is to slide into a tree and be put off racing by getting really hurt because you had sweet f all safety equipment in your car.

On the inside all that is left to do before i get sanding, is remove the roof liner foam/fluff residue off the roof and remove the sound deadning off the fire wall. In the engine bay its about ready to be sanded, all thats needed now is to give it a thorough clean to remove all the grit and dirt that has settled in with a wire brush and water blast, weld the seam between the firewall and chassis then its all go!

Tomorrow i am heading out early to a hotrod show to give the guys a hand as dads ute is entered. if you have nothing to do tomorrow head out to porirua mall with a small 3 dollars to check out 50 0dd hotrods, muscle cars and anything cool that may have a motor.

Photos will follow, Might see you there!


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