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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Glass And Grinding.

Gone back to the workshop over the weekend just gone to get the car closer to being ready for paint inside and in the engine bay. Using a grinder i took off most of the brackets that would usualy be used for interior trim as well as all the brackets in the engine bay to "shave it out g". I apologise in advanse for the blury shitness of the cellphone quality pictures. but you get the idea...

I also made some trick little brackets to mount my radiator to kindly welded on by hot metal gun wizard Kris Zivkovic as i purchased an alloy race radiator to keep things coool. Unfortunately although it was an ae86 radiator, i have an ae85 so a bit of cutting was needed to get the thing to fit right....

After cutting to fit the width and a bit of panel bashing above it fit in well. Next issue was the Bonnet catch blocking half the damn thing. easy solution. on went the cutting wheel and off it came. Not that i was ever going to use it anyway! Bonnet pins ftw! So here we have it, the finished product with the bonnet down all ready for paint...

Aaaaaand it fits! no hitting on anything! Win!
Also in the past few weeks i ordered a new fibreglass dash board and some fibreglass guards (not dmax gayshit they just look standard) to add to the growing list of fibreglass panels on the car...

Not much to do now and its up on the trailor and into the panel shop to get a lick of red and a touch of black.



  1. Sweet update James! Every little bit you do adds up and it's certainly starting to come together! FUCK YEAH

  2. Cheers Luke! Need maximum updates on the new purchase!