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Friday, 9 September 2011

high in fibre

Progress has been slow on the AE85 due to a bloody annoying Flu that left me feeling shit average on tuesday so taking a day off work on wednesday was the only option my throat was twangin to say the least!
Sleep in is was good but what does one do when your sick, home alone and car mad you say?
Internet car goodness was the only option so browsing i did, but when one has a race car in the build sometimes things can get out of hand and one makes the most of the few dollars he has with help from the kind folks at visa.
A phone number was written down and called, Some money transfered and with that a deal was done.
My car is now going to be a hell of a lot lighter because of these...

Two fibreglass doors. Money was going to be spent to get the doors on the car fixed up because whoever did the bog job did a way shit job. So for a few dollars more it wasnt really a big expense at the end of the day. The ones i get wont have the bracing on the inside of the door because i am not running any window winders or glass for that matter there for saving more weight. some polycarbonate windows will need to be cut up to shape and fitted with a slide opening. I will also Probably fit some NACA ducts on the rear quarter windows for a bit of extra ventilation.

I took a trip to Bunnings warehouse today to grab some paint stripper and a paintbrush to apply the paint stripper. Unfortunately, due to illness i could'nt really be bothered doing it. So next time i get the chance i will be down there brushing it on and sanding like a mad man to gert the engine bay and interior prepped for paint.

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