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Saturday, 17 September 2011

strip off

Its been a long time coming, but i finally got down to the workshop over the weekend and got my strip on.
Since the cage its in need of some colour over the top to keep the rust out. Although as you all know, Paint is in no way shape or form, Cheap. So for someone like myself on the tightest of tight budgets this is something that i only want to pay for once. So obviously, to save me having to do it again i will get it done properly.

Apologies for the shit average cellphone pics, I forgot my camera. As mentioned paint is not cheap, So the more work done by myself before it is shipped off to the panel shop the cheaper its going to be. So being A tight ass, im going to do as much as i can.
On saturday i got down there and pulled out the bottle of Tergostrip i had purchased earlier on in the week.
Tergostrip is a brush on paint stripper that has a texture much the same as PVA glue. The stuff is amazing. You can basicly brush it on and watch the paint peel off as you stroke the brush. Although it burns really bad if you get it on your skin, And makes you feel pretty light headed if your using it in a poorly ventilated space.

As you can see, Round one of Stripping is complete. After a quick water blast this is what the out come was. Due to the previous owner applying a spray can or two of Porirua Pearl Black over the original paint i will need to go over it with another bottle of Tergostrip to get the rest of the paint off but most of it is either off of close to falling off. Then its on to the Scotch to scuff up the surface, a bit of grinding to shave off the extra tags and brackets that are no longer needed and a few holes welded up on the fire wall then off it goes to be painted a nice black. to keep things neat and tidy, Yet easy to fix up if it gets a ding.

But before it goes off to the panel shop the whooooole interior of the car needs the same treatment so i still have quite a way to go before i can put it on the trailor.

On a side note there are alot of people who recognise these cars even in the bare state mine is and recieved a few compliments while it was parked outside getting the stripper blasted off. Most notably a small Asian child pointing and saying to his mother "AE86!".

Next time i will bring my camera with me and get some better quality pics. Once again sorry for the poor quality images.


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  1. Nice work Jim!

    I also spy a Suzuki Wagon R turbo in the background of last picture haha. *Small car geek*